Print Sales


The images displayed in one or more galleries are available for sale. To purchase a print of a painting, locate the image’s thumbnail in a gallery, click the thumbnail to display the image, then click the shopping cart icon in the left-aligned tool bar beneath the image. If the tool bar is not visible, click the “up arrow” icon below the image to display it. If you encounter any difficulty in accessing the shopping cart, please contact me, using one of the methods shown on the Contact page.

All of my works are sold in mats. In my opinion, the mat is part of the presentation of the image. I choose the mat size and borders that I think best present the image. However, the prints are matted in a way that does not permanently affix the print to the mount, so you are free to remove the print from its mat without damaging the print.

I sign each print in the lower right-hand corner in pigment ink. I use only acid-free and lignen-free materials that meet or exceed all current archival standards.

Each print is accompanied by a signed and dated certificate of authenticity. The print and the certificate carry matching holographic labels with a unique identifying number. The certificate contains information about the work’s completion date, the paper and inks used, and the print’s sequence number in a printing of the edition. Unless stated otherwise, all editions are open.


I accept all major credit cards.

Stripe is my payment processor. Your credit card information never passes through the server that hosts my web site, and it is not stored in my database.

You can also choose to pay by check. I’ll provide you with my mailing address via email, and ship the package within three days of receipt of your check.

All the pages on this site use a secure connection (i.e. all pages begin with “https:”), and any information you may provide is transmitted in an encrypted format.


I ship via the US Postal Service, using Priority Mail. Depending on which postal “region” you’re in, delivery should take one to two days from the time I mail the package. I try to get packages out the day after I receive your order, and I’ll email you a tracking number as soon as I have one.

The e-commerce package I use has limited configurability on shipping costs. Basically, I have to set a flat rate for each “product” I offer for sale, and I can’t have different amounts based on box size or location.

So, I’ve tried to make things simple by choosing the shipping cost to send a medium-size box from New York to Chicago. If you order a single print in a 16 x 20″ mat, the amount added to your bill will closely approximate the actual shipping cost. If you order a print of more than one image, I may be able to combine them into a single package. If the shipping charge is more than what it cost me to ship the package, I’ll refund the difference to your credit card.

The shipping charge is based on shipments within the United States. For shipments to countries other than the United States, I’ll determine the shipping charges and get your approval for any extra amounts I need to charge.